Trouble shooting guide

PROBLEMPossible CausePossible Solution
Key lost




1、Find out the Key No. to copy the key

2、Change the lock

Forget the code

1、forget the code

2、Wrong operation in setting the code

3、PCB damaged

1、Reset the code after opening the safe with emergency keys.

2、Source the master code from the factory by supplying the serial No on the safe

3、Replace the PCB

CAN NOT change the code

1、Code reset switch broken

2、PCB malfunctioned

3、uninterruptible power supply on the micro-switch

1、Replace code reset switch

2、Replace PCB

3、Adjust the position of micro-switch

No response on operating the key buttons.

1、Door can open but no sound signal

2、Door CAN NOT open, keypad damaged or Key buttons socket loose

3、PCB damaged

1、Replace PCB

2、Replace keypad or tighten up the key buttons socket with glue

No response on operating few key buttons

1、Socket loose

2、Key buttons are short circuit

3、PCB/switch damaged

4、Some ash on the buttons

1、Remove the back cover and fasten the socket

2、Replace PCB/membrane switch

3、Remove the key buttons and clean up it

External battery box can not be connected or supply the power

1、External battery box damaged

2、Plug of external battery box loose

3、PCB damaged

1、Replace external battery box

2、Fix the plug of external battery box

3、Replace PCB

Battery wears out quickly

1、low-quality battery

2、Internal/external battery box get rust and are short circuited

3、PCB damaged

1、Replace battery

2、Replace battery box

3、Replace PCB

Door CAN NOT open

1、Low battery

2、PCB malfunctioned

3、Lock mechanism disturbance /friction

4、Main lock damaged/stuck

5、Screw connected to solenoid get loose/ too tight

6、Eemergency key also CAN NOT open

1、Replace battery

2、Replace PCB

3、Adjust/Lubricate the lock mechanism

4、Replace/lubricate the main lock

5、Tighten/loosen the screw

6、Case by case

CAN NOT give alarm

1、Alarm device damaged

2、PCB damaged

3、Alarm device and PCB is in bad contact

1、Replace Alarm device

2、Replace PCB

3、Tighten up the socket connection

CAN NOT close the door

1、Gap between bolt and decoration ring is too small

2、Micro-switch is in wrong position

3、Some place on the Lock mechanism get stuck

1、Adjust the door gap(Leave some space)

2、Adjust the position of micro-switch

3、Adjust the lock mechanism

Door CAN be open directly

1、The screw fixing solenoid loose

2、Solenoid baffle plate CAN NOT rebound

3、PCB short circuit

4、Solenoid damaged

1、Tighten up the screw connect with solenoid

2、Adjust the position of solenoid baffle plate

3、Replace PCB

4、Replace solenoid

Friction in door opening

Door-hinge screw drop down caused by not tightening in good condition or the gap in internal door-hinge when shaken

Fix or unscrew the screw in door-hinge to adjust the gap

Alarm is so sensitive

1、The mercury in mercury switch is too much or oxidized.

2、Vibration switch broken or is too acclivitous

1、Set up the switch vertical downward

2、Replace PCB

LCD display problem

1、LCD display damaged

2、PCB damaged

3、LCD display and PCB is in bad contact

1、Replace LCD display

2、Replace PCB

3、Tighten up the socket connection

The key CAN NOT insert or pull out

1、Unqualified marble in the lock

2、something stuck in the lock

3、Lock mechanism disturbance or lock tilt

1、Put some lubricant oil on the key and try again

2、Check the lock mechanism or remove it for repair